Profix D3 Super Wood Glue


D3 is a formulated cross-linking synthetic emulsion. Its fast setting and water resistance are suitable for rapid production and bond security even under damp conditions.


  • Fast curing.
  • Low press time.
  • Extremely high bond strength on numerous substrates.
  • Conforms to D3 according to DIN EN 204.
  • Very good resistance to chemicals.
  • Excellent resistance to moisture and weather conditions.
  • Nonshrinking.
  • Low odour.

Applications Area

D3 Adhesive can be used in lamination of HPL to wood-based substrates and wood to wood when a good water resistance is required.

D3 is vinyl acetate homopolymer dispersion with reactive groups with an acidic pH range. It is used to adhere all kinds of wooden pieces to each other and used to adhere all kinds of laminate and plates to wooden pieces. Because of the water-resistant, it is used in windows having resistance to vapor and moisture, woodworks, doors, external door frames, production of stairs and wooden furniture, high frequency adhering applications, delicacy processes, surface covering of DKS Plates, mounting processes, to adhere decorative papers to surfaces and hard-soft fiberboards to each other.

D3 exhibits a rapid increase of bond strength when being pressed at temperatures of approx. 20 °C as well as at higher levels of temperature between 50 and 100 °C. Particularly on hot presses (60-80 °C) the accelerated increase of bond strength makes D3 most suitable for the lamination of panels with Formica finishing and for post-forming finishing of panel edges and profiles. The resulting water prof bonds exhibit an outstanding heat resistance.

Dry films of D3 only absorb a very low amount of water. Even after prolonged water immersion, the films show no agabeylity re-emulsify, exhibiting, therefore, a good waterproof performance of the dried bond.


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